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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Today I have been mostly sleeping

Although the baby surprise jacket has grown a bit further, I'm still no closer to understanding the pattern but so far I don't seem to have messed it up. I had to frog soem of the landsacpe shawl due to my inability to know which of 4 pattern rows I needed to knit next but I've fixed the mistake at least.

Two of these arrived today despite the local mail office losing the parcel for a week, I had resigned myself to never seeing them so their arrival was a pleasant surprise! I had thought I was pretty much recovered from the cold but today I've been sneezing and running a temperature again, I'm still hoping to be fit for work by Monday though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

found you .... sorry to hear you did get the cold ! Wonderful to see the shawl finished and to catch up with all your new projects.
Keep in touch.
love Denise

5:25 pm GMT  

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