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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Onwards, ever onwards

I've mostly been asleep again today but in waking moments I wound another skein of yarn, I'm thinking of using some of this as I have 3 skeins in total as the second yarn in some fairisle. Admittedly I'd planned on this year being forworking on my aran knitting and next year being for fairisle but plans are for changing!

This shawl is growing nicely, unfortunately being knitted point up it will inevitably get slower and slower but it is an nice easy pattern and will do for mindless knitting on the bus for a good while, I'm currently doing garter stitch and seed stitch, I think the next V may be stocking stitch.


Anonymous Wibbo said...

I'm interested to see how your Fibertrends shawl is progressing - I have the pattern and some yarn but the thought of all that seed stitch has been putting me off!

2:36 pm GMT  

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