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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I finished the second Spanish Dancer shawl although I still have ends to sew in, I'd thought I was using more yarn than last time but I was fooled by 2 of the balls having breaks in them, in fact this shawl weighs in at 318g and the first one at 315g so I'm getting real consistency. I do like this yarn, it's an easy knit and lovely colours, not only that I saw so many pepole buy it during SkipNorth I'm clearly not alone in my liking for it.

Much against my instincts I've bought this, I have two other books by her and don't really like either of them but this one has the baby surprise jacket pattern in it, an exercise in the sort of topology that fascinates me. I ordered this from Amazon in the US, supposedly it was coming surface mail but they posted it last Thursday and it arrived today. I know many many knitters regard her as a guru but I find her thought processes difficult to follow and frustratring to wrestle with, I guess I'm a lazy knitter, if it doesn't click with me at once I don't want to know!

I'm taking a break from Spanish Dancer shawls and cast on for the Fibretrends Landscape Shawl, I've finished the point in garter stitch and just started the seed stitch point, I suspect that this will get very tedious but again I wanted something I can take away with me next week as I'm at a conference for work. My cold is improving although I've a horrible cough still but I'm hoping to be back at work tomorrow. I have heard that I didn't get an interview for teh job I applied for, no real surprise in that but it's still disappointing. Luckily Hecate has been at her affectionate best falling asleep in my arms this morning while I fell asleep watching a DVD.


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