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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Noble self sacrifice

I gather from several fellow SkipNorthers that my excessive stash increase has assisted themn in convincing their partners that their purchases are wholly reasonable! I do, of course only buy in quantity for this very purpose - I do hope you all apreciate my nobility of spirit! I wound my first skein into balls, this is thr very chunky yarn that I fell in love with, it's lovely and soft, I haven't decided what I'm going to make with it yet so it will take its place on the shelf in my so called office while I muse on it and it tells me what it wants to be.

As you can see, I'm over half way through the casting off of the second Spanish Dancer shawl, despite spending the majority of today sleeping away the cold. Aanyone who was thinking of making this out of the sock yarn from the Skep should bear in mind that this version is taking up more yarn than the first shawl I made but unless something goes horribly wrong you will get it out of one 500g pack.


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