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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Flat battery

My camera batteries nee dcharging so I have no pictures tonight - a pity as Hecate has been boxing her reflection in a full length mirror all weekend - she's never responded to mirrors before but for some reason the last two weeks has seen her develop a fascination with them. I do only have 3 mirrors in the flat that can actiually be used, I dislike seeing myself and avoid it as much as possible.
I've finished the second sleeve of my variegated sweater and finished the back up to the neck, I just need to do the front from armhole beginning to the neck, sew it up and do the neck - I'm pretty confident that this wil be a finished WIP by the end of March - I still have far too many things started but at least I'll have one adult garment finished. Next I need to knit baby clothes for two babies that are here already - sorry Melissa, Ian wil get something fairly soon, as, I hope will his big brother. I nee dto make for two expected babies for colleagues as well, I have the baby yarn on order and it should arrive in the next few days, after SkipNorth I'm going to focus on baby clothes and the afghan- my world is full of great plans!


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