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Friday, March 16, 2007

Oddments of progress

As you can see, I couldn't resist casting on for the baby surprise jacket although I'm already wrestling to comprehend the instructions, I find them as clear as mud I'm afraid, I can follow most written out patterns and I'm learning to follow charted designs but this one is already confusing me 10 rows into the project!

Wibbo, I'm really enjoying the Fibretrends shawl despite the seed stitch, I think because you knit it point upwards it isn't as traumatic. I've just reached the stocking stitch V so knitting across the row you do garter stitch, sed stitch, stocking stitch, seed stitch then garter stitch again. It means that each row contains a mixture of stitches that makes the seed stitch and then (I hope) the moss stitch less traumatic.

Fred, I'm blaming you for these, I'm thinking of a knitted Christmas stocking with bells on, you are clearly a very bad influence on me!


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