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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just a quick note

I've been playing with crochet this week - I haven't done any crochet for ages so a granny square seems like a good place to start! I don't think it's really ready to go with me to Haworth though. I'm in the process of deciding which of my current WIP's to take with me, much more important than what clothes to take although I will try and make time to dig under the stairs for some red wine to take.

This is the baby cardigan I'm experimenting with, it's a new pattern to me with bobbles all over but I think I may make the back plain so that the poor child can lie back in a pram without leaning on lots of bobbles! I'm off now to get ready for SkipNorth, I should be back and blogging at least briefly on Sunday evening, I'm lucky that a dear friend of mine is driving me there and back in a large car so I can buy as much as my purse will take.


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