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Monday, March 12, 2007

The last of the stash

I've entertained myself this morning by weighing the additions to my stash - I now confess that my total purchases weighed in at 12.68 kilos! This is 3 batches of 500g of sock yarn, one batch is the same colourway that I'm knitting the second Spanish Dancer shawl from, I love the colour and want one for me as well as one for a gift.

This is 500g of boucle mohair, I loved the colour which is, of course no surprise as anyone who know sme knows how much I love purple and blue shades.I'm going to go back and add the weights of the yarn to my previous post.
Hannah, I knew you'd be jealous, AND I met the designer of the mitred boottees as well!
Sibille, I don't have immediate plans for all of the yarn I bouhgt so if there is anything you especially love let me know!
Rosie, it was lovely to meet you, everything did fit in my friend's car and I have now squashed it down into 2 bin liners although I have nowhere to put them at least they are all in one place! It was a great weekend, I wish I hadn't come home with a streaming cold but at least I have today off and my darling cat has decided to forgive me for having been away!


Anonymous Melissa said...

Those are such pretty colors! I'm afraid I know less than nothing about yarn, except that Connor seems to enjoy playing with it, but they look very pretty and from my numerous knitting friends I hear it's a pretty addictive hobby!

8:19 pm GMT  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Wow you did have fun!!!!!

6:52 am GMT  
Anonymous sibille said...

I really appreciate your noble offer but unfortunately (for me and fortunately for you) I'm on yarn diet until the end of August. And you know that we have to store many too many things from the liquidation of the apartment ... But may be I'll be back with a wih in September ;-))

Enjoy your new stash!

8:25 pm GMT  

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