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Monday, March 19, 2007

Progressing slowly

I'm still plodding on very slowly with this sweater - I'm aiming at knitting 4 rows a day until I reach the neck shaping so I have about 4 inches to go before that.

I'm focussing on the centre of this shawl, I've about 40 more rows to go before the next stitch pattern, I may take this one away with me next week when I go to York for a conference again, it's a toss up between this shawl and the one below.

The next Spanish Dancer shawl, 7 of the 99 repeats done, this may be a better bet for taking away with me but I'll see how much I get done. Nic, thanks for your comments about baby surprise, I do find it an unnerving pattern to follow but I'm persevering, I found a couple of sites with pictures of how it looks and how it goes together which is helping my confidence in the process!
I made it back to work today and found yet again that my computer had died, it's been rebuilt for the third time in as many weeks and I'm hoping that it will be working tomorrow. I managed to stay awake all day which is the first time since the cold struck, I'm going to have a quiet evening winding off another skein of SkipNorth yarn watching a DVD then an early night.


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