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Sunday, March 18, 2007

More shawls

I made a little more progress on baby surprise, and found a website with a picture of one in progress which has given me a little more confidence in what I'm doing.

The landscape shawl has made a little more progress despite me having to frog several rows again today, I have another 44 rows to go before starting the moss stitch V and each row is (of course) getting slower as they grow longer.

Here is a close up of the centre panel. the stocking stitch is beginning to show up the variegatiomn of the yarn for the first time.

I realised that I ned a birthday present for a friend very soon so did the boring casting on bit of another Spanish Dancer shawl - I may end up knitting shawls on the bus all summer at this rate.
Denise, well done for finding me - I'm recovering from the cold and plan on returning to woork tomorrow despite the fact that I'm permanently shattered at the moment.


Blogger Nickerjac said...

The baby suprise jacket looks good so far, its been a while since I knitted one :)

4:34 pm GMT  

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