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Friday, March 02, 2007

Moving on again

I still owe lots of people emails and have a mountain of housework to do, but the second charity afghan square is making progress! I promise I'll try and get some emails written this weekend however much Hecate interferes.

The grey aran is well on the way into the second pattern repeat - it's turning out to be easier than I expected - I think after this I may be brave and go for an all over pattern.

This is a better picture of the second shawl, I've worked out that it's about a third of teh main body done now - I may put it on one side and take it to SkipNorth - it's mindless knitting - good for doing while chatting!

This arrived from Amazon marketplace, I'd borrowed a copy from the library and wanted to make several things from it so I bought myself a copy - I'm easily seduced into buying books.

You may need to click on this picture and see it full size to appreciate the words on the front - my big sister found it and sent it to me in honour of Hecate's bathing exploits - thank you sister - I love it!


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