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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Currently working on...!

For those of you who may be wondering how I'm
spending my time as I'm clearly not getting large quantities of my usual knitting done this may help to explain! This is the pile of squares I've finished so far for my learn to knit afghan! I'm currently addicted to the slip stitch two colour patterns and fairly cantering through them! They are absolutely ideal bus knitting and light weight so don't aggravate my dodgy shoulder. I ended up not going away on Tuesday and Wednesday, travelling aggravates the shoulder and despite the additional pain medication I have I can't cope with the pain.

Just to prove I don't only knit squares I cast on another hat in Cashoft 4 ply, this one is going to take much longer than the double knitting hats I've been making but should be wonderfully light and soft (in theory). Next week I'm going with my mother to a knitting and needlecraft exhibition in Manchester wheer I want to pick up some of the shorter circular needles to make the hat obsession easier to pursue! I'm notplanning on any actual stash enhancement as I'm saving up for Skip North, but I dare say a couple of balls of yarn may follow me home!


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