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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Climbing cat

Hecate had lost interest in her hanging pockets, so I put some spare scarves into 2 of them to get them out of the way. This, of course meant that her ladyship decided today that she wanted to be back up there. Somehow she managed to squeeze herself into the top pocket where she slept in great contentment for several hours this afternoon.

I couldn't resist getting pictures of her, but as you can see, she looks much less than impressed!

In fact, if anything she looks snooty here, as if she is saying 'How dare you disturb my sleep'!

Her sleeping out of the way has allowed me to finish this fluffy scarf - 150g gets added to my running total, not bad considering I've done much less knitting since I hurt my shoulder and neck, it is still not right, I'm going to have to admit defeat and go and see my doctor yet again I think.

I finished the waistcoat with some yarn to spare, so I'm attempting my first tam o'shanter, the yarn knits up to the sort of pattern that 'works' for that style of hat in my imagination, I'm not sure how it will turn out, but I've done the brim and a little bit of the underneath part of the top. The DPN's are a bit full, I'm sure I have some more somewhere but for now I won't risk carrying this item around on the bus, I suspect I'd spend far too much time picking up dropped stitches.


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