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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hecate helps

Part of my plans for the next 3 months is to sort through all the storage boxes full of 'stuff' to see what can be used, what sold and what kept for future projects, the trouble with boxes and cats is they go too well together!

I found some old knitting pattterns in this box and soem computer games manuals, nothing that I could put to use instantly though, but I did fill a carrier bag with stuff that can go out. Maybe if I review all the boxes I might get rid of at least a few bags of things I don't need. If I keep doing this eventually there might be room to move again?

One thing I found that I simply must keep, I don't have much that I made when I was a child, but here we have a 'sampler' that I made at school when I was around 8 years old, I'm amazed it has survived for over 30 years, as I'll have no direct descendants to pass it on to I must see if any of my nephews(unlikely) or nieces would like it.
No knitting to show you today, I'm still working very slowly and limiting the time I spend for fear of upsetting my neck and shoulder - I'm in danger of being sensible here!


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