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Sunday, December 31, 2006

December review plus reviewing the year

This is the scarf I finished off over Christmas, it's a bit short but I have loads of the darker pink yarn left and may add a fringe, why 2 shades of teh same yarn have such diuferent yardages I have no idea, but at least I can make a fringe!

I've done around 4" of this sweater in teh last few days, being on circulars it's not so heavy on my arm and I can do a little bit and put it down as I'm of the school of 'don't stop knitting part way through a row' mostly because in my early knitting days I would then turn around and come back the way I came! I'm using a borrowed what bag that can be heated and put on my shoulder and rubbing in Ibuleve which both seem to be helping a bit.
In December I finished the Freedom Spirit waistcoat (all except the buttons), teh Adrifils stars shawl and 6 scarves, also 7 afghan squares.
The tally for the 2006 of finished items is as follows
1) socks - 33 pairs
2) boottees - 5 pairs
3) scarves - 17
4) garments 1 toddlers cable and rib tunic, 1 funky chunky sweater and 1 waistcoat
5) 2 shawls
6) 8 pastel and 11 candy cane afghan squares
I've also done half of the bright green toddlers sleeveless sweater that I must finish in January and the back of another cable tunic.
I don't think my stash decreased noticeably, but I am buying less yarn nowadays!
I haven't worked out my plans for the new year yet, maybe I'll tell you all tomorrow!
In the mean time, thank you to those of you sending healing wishes for my shouleder and a happy and peaceful New Year to all of you who read this!


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