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Monday, January 01, 2007

Kitten loves me when I don't knit!

  • Although I think the shoulder is a little better I'm still finding knitting much makes it twinge so I've spent most of today asleep with Hecate, she much prefers me when I'm not knitting as the needles are such a temptation for her to play with when I knit.

    I've been trying to decide what my knitting priorities should be this year, yet again I have to face up to and deal with my many UFO's.
    My aim for the first three months of the year is to finish off the bright green v neck toddler's sweater, the second cable rib tunic and carry on with the variegated lilac sweater that is currently on the circular needle. For bus knitting I want to keep on with the learn to knit afghan squares, I'm hoping to make one square a week and any spare bus time spend on socks as I've had a nice long break from them.
    My other aims for the start of the year are:-
  • learning to use the new microwave properly, I've used it as a microwave but haven't experimented with the oven and grill yet
  • sort out using the external hard drive I bought myself
  • start sorting through the stash, and get it tidied up
  • have another try at selling our stitchmarkers
  • sort through my stash of counted cross stitch kits and see if any can be sold
  • go to SkipNorth without buying ridiculaous amounts of yarn!
  • enjoy myself!!! and not guilt trip myself if I don't achieve any of my plans as long as I've achieved soemthing and had fun!


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