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Monday, November 20, 2006

Sleepy blogger

I'm on the third ball of the Chic scarf, but I'm absolutely shattered and having an early night, so there won't be much progress today. I've spent an hour in total waiting to see my Dr and then waiting to get my prescription filled out, worthwhile though as my Dr has given me the supplement I've been buying on prescription as it seems to be working, it may even be enough to prevent me needing immediate surgery on my feet. I like my Dr, not all of them will give supplements on prescription and this one costs around £17 a month to buy, and as I pay for my medication with an annual fee it's a huge saving for me. I did get some of my bus scarf knitted while I waited in queues, but it didn't grow as much as I'd hoped, I'm knitting in teh black hole of knitting today, nothing seems to be growing much!
Melissa and Sibille, thanks for the good wishes for my feet, and Cathy - don't worry about the needles, I'm actually kniting from a pattern, using the correct needles and knitting to gauge (well close to gauge) for a change!


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