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Monday, November 13, 2006

Scarves and kitten

The jade green scarf is growing rapidly, I'm determined to get it completed as soon as possible without abandoning everything else I'm working on. The left hand front of my chunky jacket is ready to start the yoke, I'm keeping that jogging along in teh background as although this week is forecast to be warmer (and sadly much wetter) there are bound to be some cold days at some point.

I've got a little more done to the Chic scarf, this is less than half a balls worth, it being so light and fluffy it feels as if it knits up slowly, in addition kitten is fascinated by the sparkly bits, I tend to knit on this when she is safely asleep, provided of course that she hasn't fallen asleep with her head on it!

Here we have kitten sleeping peacefully, I think I'm going to have to refer to her as a cat soon, she's grown in every direction and is capable of great athletic leaps and bounds around the flat.

You might not imagine her an athlete when you see her reclining like this, I've found that an hour of snuggle time when I get home from work makes her much less stroppy about being left while I go to work (some chicken out of the home made soup helped too)


Anonymous Wibbo said...

Your kitten looks very grown-up in the last photo - it's funny how a kitten can change into a cat almost overnight. My cat still has her kittenish moments though and is particularly fond of destroying the loo roll when I forget to close the door....

12:24 pm GMT  

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