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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Much business

Well, I've been busy, I can't say much about Hecate, she seems to be doing very little here! I've been working on a christmas gift that I can't show you here and knitting more of the Wendy Chic scarf, it hasn't grown enough to be worth taking another picture yet. I've been sewing in ends on some of the finished scarves as well.

I've nearly finished the first front of my waistcoat, I'm still deeply in love with this, although I am debating whether or not I should make the back in 2 panels, or at least with 2 balls of wool to make the faux fairisle the same width on the back as on the fronts. I suspect the may be taking pedantry a bit too far though!

I finished off this scarf, another item crossed off on my schedule, I've been watching Michael Palin in Full Circle this weekend, the episode in China has several women knitting in it in the backgrounds, including one knitting with 4 DPN's, long ones though, not what I think of as sock needles. I'm getting a bit concerned that I won't finish everything I want to make for Christmas, but I'm not doing badly, even getting on a little with my waistcoat and jacket.


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