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Saturday, November 11, 2006

It ain't easy - being green

I've picked up commissions to turn out 2 more scarves in specific colours, I'm grateful to get them as my finanaces are in a pretty poor state at present, sadly though one is for a jade green scarf in this! Anyone who knows me at all will know that green just isn't my colour, it could be worse though, it could be grass green, I'm going to end up with a couple of balls left out of the pack that I bought and I think it will knit Christmas trees!

It knits up as quickly as the orther fancy yarn, this is the first balls worth just to show willing! It's slightly glittery when knitted up but will need washing to remove a slight scratchy feel. Tomorrow will have to be give over to sorting the flat out again as the roof has leaked - again and I'll have to get the local authority workmen out again. I've put a plastic skip under the leak with a towel in and Hecate keeps sitting in it and looking surprised when she gets wet!.

This is the yarn for my other commission, Wendy Chic in Renoir colourway, it's very soft and fluffy, I haven't decided yet what size needles to work with, the ball band says 4.5mm, I usually go up a size for scarves but it didn't feel right when I tried so I'm going to test 4.5mm's later on. It is more glittery in real life than this picture shows.

I'm still working on my chunky jacket, the left front is growing fairly well as you can see. It may have to be left for a few days while I make progress with my comisions and Christams gifts, but I do try to do a few rows a day on a 'me' project to keep motivated.

This is the latest FO, a 'me' scarf, it's made in the black yarn with white tips, I made it longer and wider as it's for me, it's lovely and soft and despite being in cheap acrylic it feels very soft and snuggly.


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