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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Helpful kitten

Much to my amazement, astroturf scarf is around 6' 8" long and is cast off waiting for ends to be trimmed and sewn in where they aren't already woven in, then I plan on washing it to soften it before sending it to it's new home. I'll be sending it with thw Wendy Chic scarf when that is done. I got quite a lot of this done last night while I was out with my friend, he doesn't mind being seen in a pub with me knitting - very tolerant of him. We had a great evening, for various reasons we hadn't seen each other in ages and it was great to catch up with him again.As you can see, Hecate was determined to get in on the act.

Wendy Chic scarf, the first ball is done, I'm putting it on one side until the weekend as it's much easier to knit at home, I tried on teh bus today but the yarn splits easily and on a bouncy bus journey it isn't a good idea.

The left front of my jacket has reached the yoke and the start of the collar shaping, looking ahead in the pattern I see some instructions I don't understand so I'm adopting the policy I used when I first knitted sock, I knit in blind obedience to the pattern and hope they printed it correctly! Hecate started getting a bit too keen on the yarn in this picture and had to be disentangled from it at the end. She keeps stealing my waiscoat front, now I have the knitting on it's needle but the other needle is missing, irritating as I'm only 3 cms from the armhole shaping.

This is my solution to having a kitten that climbs at the Christmas tree time of year, this is about 10" high and has plastic decorations that I'll tie on tightly, pre Hecate I had a tree with glass baubles on it! I did ponder a black plastic tree but decided that was a little too goth for me. The only other real news today (apart from my employer announcing further plans to get rid of large chunks of the work force) is that my appointment to see the surgeon about possible surgery on my feet has arrived, I'm still hoping to avoid surgery as it would make getting to work pretty much impossible for rather too long for my peace of mind. There is a possibility that cortisone injectoins may help so I'm crossing my fingers!


Anonymous Melissa said...

Fingers crossed that you are able to avoid surgery!

10:06 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm crossing my fingers, too!

Take care Sibille

8:00 am GMT  

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