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Sunday, November 19, 2006


As you can see, the left hand front of the waistcoat is done. once I've started the decreases in those benighted patterns that tell me what to do on every row on one side and every fifth row on the other I have to keep going until I'm done or I forget where I'm up to!

I've decided to cast on the back next, it's going to be very dull just doing stocking stitch to the arm hole and I'd rather do this big bit next before I cast on the comparitively less boring right front. I've done another chunk of the Chic scarf, I'm still on ball number 2 but I'm over half way through.

This is a non commissioned scarf that I can do on the bus, if I keep knitting the fancy yarn at this speed I may empty my stash of all of it this winter, according to my records I've knitted my way through 2 kilos of fancy yarn this autumn, it's little wonder that I'm really enjoying the pure wool of my waistcoat for variety. In the very bottom left hand corner you can get a sneaky lok at something i've been knitting as a Christams gift, I finished it today - I have a great feeling of achievement!

I have absolutely no idea why Hecate decided to sleep in her carrying coop today!


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Be aware of finishing that 2nd west front,I knitted the sleev to the Central Park Hoodie and put it down and promptly forgot what size needle I used and had to reknit the first sleeve.........

9:49 am GMT  

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