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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sleepy again

One way or another this has been another tiring week, you nearly didn't get an update tonight as Hecate and I fell asleep in front of the television,I was watching a DVD of Michale Palin travelling Pole to Pole, this bored Hecate, unlike a short programme earlier in teh week about robins that nest in the Eden project, that drove her mad with delight, she tried to hunt them on the screen and I ended up having to turn it off for fear she'd do damage!

This arrived from America today, a small addition to my collection of shamrock patterned pottery, not that I'd risk leaving anything in a shallow dish like this, the feline thief would have it emptied in no time at all.

This is, believe it or not labelled as an Arklow piece, it's tiny and most unusual.

This, this is another finished scarf, my neighbour will be picking out which ones she wants next week, after that I can just crack on with the Chic scarf that is on order. Unfortunately for me, having seen the astro turf scarf I've been asked to make a second one, a little shorter and narrower, nevertheless, I'm debating if I can bring myself to knit more of it!


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