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Monday, November 06, 2006

In a day off work

I achieved more scarves, tedious, but neccessary gifts as well as converting some of my stash to cash, it's all going into my SkipNorth fund if I can manage to save it all. This is Wendy cosmic, bizarrely called Icarus, considering he drowned from flying too near the sun rather than burning up! Interestingly this yarn dyed my bamboo needles red and even stained the plastic needles red.

I finished this one, a special request from my neighbour, not my cup of tea at all, but then I don't 'do' green at all, I have one pale green sweater but I only wear that for warmth, not beauty.

The chunky jacket is 36 rows from the finish of the back, it's really heavy now so I cast on the left front rib so that when my hands get tired from the weight I can carry on with it. I plan my knitting for each day with 'bus knitting' and two other WIP's to work on at home and I'm mostly sticking to my schedule, the only slight downpoint here is that I have only done the back of the baby sweater I had planned and the mother went into labour today!

I wasn't going to start anything new until I had more WIP's finished, but then I have finished 6 scarves in a week so I tried the Twilley's Freedom to see if I liked it - I love it! I don't suppose I can claim this is a gauge swatch? It's hopefully going to be what I term a waistcoat, a sleeveless cardigan really, it knits to double knit gauge and feels lovely, a real treat after all the eyelash yarn and the acrylic/wool mix for my jacket.

I treated myself to 2 second hand knitting magazines and am currently contemplating adding these to my future plans! No more blogging for me tonight as Hecate has finally had enough of fireworks and is draped over one arm and my chest being clingy, I don't blame her, they seem to have a lot of fireworks left over from last night.


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