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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How many scarves to go?

I confess I've lost track, but if a certain person is reading this she'll see that I started the other astro turf scarf, mostly because washing the first one softened it a bit so I want to get this finished so that I can get it washed and dry by th etime I've finished the Chic scarf. This one will be a bit narrower as I don't have as much yarn left as I used in the first one, but it's growing OK.

I'm about a quarter through the third ball of Chic here, I left Hecate in for scale and because trying to keep her out of pictures is a waste of good knitting or blogging time. I didn't get around to blogging last night, I was knitting happily, then I woke up and found that I'd stopped, which is probably just as well, I'm not sure if knitting in my sleep is either possible or wise!

The back of the waistcoat is almost at the end of the first 50g ball, the trouble is Hecate loves this yarn so much that she steals the knitting unless I shut it in a drawer while I'm at work. I can't knit this on the bus, the needles are too long and my 4mm circular needle still has a lace shawl on it.

The Ariafils shawl is one ball large so far, it mostly only gets worked on while I wait for my computer to do something or whiel I'm on the telephone, it will be a slow job but it's jogging along nicely. I'm debating whether to go to the Trafford Centre knitting group tomorrow evening, it will depend on the weather, today the rain has been torrential, I got soaked going to work this morning and I don't fancy doing that again. If I do go out there'll be no blog tomorrow


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