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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Winsome kitten

Eventually last night Hecate decided that I was forgiven for having abandoned her, she spent all last night being ultra clingy and affectionate.

You wouldn't think looking at her that she is a confirmed yarn stealer, she'd reopened the box of Regia again today and spread the balls around the flat - she's a sock yarn addict I'm afraid, as far as I know there isn't a support group for humans with that addiction, let alone for cats!

I've been sticking with scarf production today, these will probably be given away I suspectas I'm not terribly keen on this yarn, it's too scratchy. I do like the purple though - as you might imagine!

The black scarf has grown a bit today, Cathy commented that I produce a large number of items, but none of them are very challenging, nor very large at the moment. I have baby things that need finishing off but then I really will get on with some more complicated things. Hecate has mostly learnt to leave my knitting alone once she's had a cuddle she lies next to me and sleeps.


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