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Sunday, October 08, 2006

In the pink?

Last winter in a fit of enthusiasm/ insanity I bought some Wendy Cosmic, I made some into a scarf and gave it away, but found it a dreadful struggle as the stitches fell off the needles every time I blinked. I started a scarf for myself in a brilliant purple (no surprise there then!) but three times it disintegrated before my very eyes and I shoved the yarn (enough for 3 different colour scarves) into the back of a cupboard and sulked. I'm in the process of a grand clear out - a very slow process that is only just beginning to show any benefits, last weekend I emptied out a shelf of the cupboard and refound the yarn. Since my last catastrophe I've bought some bamboo needles, I don't like them because the yarn sticks to them, however, in the case of cosmic this is a positive boon. I experimented on Friday evening and discovered that I really can knit it on these needles, and here we have the proof, 3 balls worth of pink fluff turned into a scarf! Whether I'll keep this for myself or pass it on as a gift I haven't yet decided, it has at least reduced my stash by 150g and I'm ready to reknit the catastrophe scarf next.

I've got the pattern established for the front of this, I can't take it away with me but I'll try and crack on with it on my return, I only have to do 4 patterns to reach the V neck which I find hugely encouraging.
I still haven't decided what knitting to take away with me, but I have done two loads of washing and handwashed a bunch of socks as well as soring out a bag ful of stuff to be thrown away from my computer room. As winter approaches I'm hoping to get the room cleared out sufficiently for me to spend my evening in here. My neighbour who shares a wall with my living room is terribly noisy, she's been away for months but has just returned and I dearly wish to escape from her slamming doors. My computer room shares no walls with neighbours, is small and easy to keep warm, the computer heat and my warmth is sufficient to keep it warm - very economical.


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