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Friday, October 06, 2006

Going slow

I'm still hoping to finish this sock soon, I don't seem to have managed much bus knitting this week, every bus seems to have been full of people with wet umbrellas, it really isn't possible to knit under those circumstances. I've about half the foot and teh toe to don this, so maybe by midweek next week it wil be done, although I'm away for 2 days and I haven't yet decided what knitting to take with me. That is a much harder decision than deciding what clothes to pack of course!

It doesn't show on this picture, but I've started the cable pattern on teh front of the V neck sweater, the stitchmarkers are there to stop me muddling the edges of the double moss stitch while I get the pattern established. One consolation is that I can't take this with me as the yarn is on a cone, it isn't turning out badly, but it isn't exactly something I want to show off.

My new vase arrived today, Arklow studio pottery, I may not wear green very often, but I do like my green pottery!

I've kept almost up with my planned knitting this week, I've made a very anally retentive spreadsheet for October and planned what I was going to work on each day, I've managed at least a few rows on everything I had planned as well as a few odd rows to eyelash yarn scarves that always lurk in the bottom of my bag.


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