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Monday, October 02, 2006


Kitten is in supervisory mode today - when I got home from work and logged in she mounted the shelves and gazed down on me trying to hypnotize me into providing more food.
She didn't stay awake long! I'm never quite sure how cats manage to sleep comfortably on the most uncomfortable looking perches.

There always seems to be at least one tail hanging over the edge of this shelf, the leg appears and disappears depending on how relaxed she is. We've had torrential rain here today, luckily my local authority landlord seems to have cleared the blocked gutter and today the roof hasn't leaked!

This picture was taken at arms length, and I've cropped it to hide the dust on the shelf below! She looks very content and relaxed, I'm hoping her relaxation rubs off on me, I'm off to get my blood pressure checked out tomorrow. I'm having a day off work first as a day in work always puts it up too high.

I've reached the heel flap on my sock, no knitting at all on the buses today, in wet weather they are always full of people with dripping umbrellas which is not conducive to knitting.

I'm back on the eyelash scarves, I thought my neighbour had had scarves for all her relatives last year, but she has requested 2 more so I'm jogging along with this, teh yarn was ultra cheap at a discount shop, this is nearly a third done, I quite like the shiny blackness, but probably not enough to want to keep it!

A colleague brought some half knitted items for me to play with today, there is a considerable amount of this yarn, no pattern so I'll end up undoing it and then deciding what I'm going to do with it when I know how much I have. Kitten was determined to get in on the act here and sneaked into the corner of the picture.

She took over in this picture, she really is a camera junky, loves to be in pictures whenever possible.

This is a sample of the stitch pattern in the bottle green knitting, I appear to have the back and most of the front knitted, I don't recognise what pattern this is though.

These are blanket squares, the pattern distorts them a bit but i'm sure that either I or my Mum can use them. She makes blankets for charity so I suspect I'll pass them to her for a pretty centre to a blanket. I've been working on my plans for the month - and even trying to work out what I can finish by Christmas - how's that for forward planning?
In the next 3 months I have 2 eyelash scarves and an Irish hiking scarf to finish and at least one pair of large size socks for Christmas gifts. I wasnt to finish one cable and rib tunic jumper for a friend expecting a new baby, a wide soft stole/scarf for a friend and a sweater for her toddler. I think really I just need to keep on with those first, I know I have nearly 3 months until Christmas but I'm going to focus on clearing as many of the planned Christmas gifts out of the way this month and then see where I'm at.


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