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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Paddling ever onwards

Despite the pouring rain today I've got a little further with the sock. This week has been the wettest for some considerable time, luckily the roof is still holding its own and there is no sign of further water getting in. I'll be glad to get to the weekend, finally I'll be able to replace everything I had to move out of the corner of the living room - if it hasn't rained in now I doubt if it will. I'm planning on coming back in my next life as either a penguin or a duck.

This lovely little cup and saucer arived today, I love this pattern, I have a miniature plate in this pattern and they will look good together, quite a lot of the china I have collected has to be kept put away, this is only a small flat, but this little gem is going to be on display.
Sibille, it's very kind of you to offer me the loan of your daughter, but I think I'd better refuse such a generous offer - unless she is any good at housework!!
Hecate is demanding cuddles - she gets more demanding as my work week progresses so I'm planning an evening of kitten cuddles and not much knitting!


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