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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Backing up!

I managed to finish this today - the back of the vivid green sleeveless top. I've actually managed to do two pattern repeats without any mistakes that I'm aware of. Tomorrow I cast on the front, I'm having a day off on Tuesday and want to use the day to establish the pattern. I've had a pretty good day today, I booked a place on Skipnorth - at least I think I did, I'm never 100% confident when I book things online although I buy things happily.
Hecate excelled herself this morning, she decided her litter tray wasn't up to standard so found the open bag of litter, climbed in it and used it instead! She is incredibly tidy minded on occasion.
I've been clearing out my computer room today, I've by no means finished yet, but I have found 2 of my missing socks! I just wish I could find the missing boottee.


Blogger trek said...

That is just so wrong with the litter bag.

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