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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back with lots of pictures!

This was the knitting I took with me - as you can see, it matched the seating on the train! By a spooky coincidence I was also wearing purple, I don't normally manage to coordinate my clothes to my mode of transport. It's mindless rounds of knitting, ideal for sitting working on whilst talking to friends and colleagues. The weather has been dreadful for two days, there were some odd clear patches yesterday.

I took this picture yesterday in a dry moment, there are lots of pictures of York Minster around, so I took pictures of this old church instead, it has no electriclty, the interior is candle lit, I had hoped to take some pictures inside but just as I went in it was invaded by a coach load of tourists so I left!

This was the view from the train today coming back over the Pennines I was glad to be safely on the train getting on with my knitting!

Apparently Manchester had had thunder and lightening this morning, by the time I got home the rain was easing off but the sky is still threatening more rain.

Somehow I ended up with a hotel room in the attic, not ideal for an asthmatic, but it was a huge room with an absolutely massive bath room, I never had a bath in a bath like this before!

I did a small amount of shopping while I was in York, I can't show you some of it as it is meant as surprises for people, but I did treat myself to this pair of 'magic' gloves, they stretch to a remarkable extent, and have all the shades of pink and purple to match lots of my scarves and jackets.

I couldn't resist this post card, several people seemed to think that it is too late for me to become a good example of anything much, but I don't care!

My neighbour had admired the pink cosmic scarf and said she'd like one in red, so I picked this up from Sheepish in York.

To redress the balance of wool versus acrylic I discovered that 4 balls of this had jumped onto the counter with the Cosmic and I hadn't the heart to tell it I didn't want it!

As you can see, there has been quite a lot of progress on this while I've been away,
it's made of a James C Brett yarn, cheap and cheerful although a wee bit splitty to knit with I can knit and watch TV or chat, at the moment I only have 2 hand made sweaters for the winter and I'm determined to finish off this and my Noro as soon as I can.

This vase arrived while I was away, a perfect match for one I already have, pairs of things are always worth more than singletons and I don't have much of the Noritake influenced pottery from Arklow so I'm glad to have got it.

Just one more skein of sock yarn, just to make sure I don't run out. Incidentally kitten has unpacked an entire box of 8 balls of Regia in my absence, disconnected the PC and thrown up on the kitchen floor, apart from that she's behaved perfectly! She's curled up in the crook of my left arm at the moment while I type right handed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for the lovely photos!!!
I love the bath tub.
And although I dislike the the yarn normally I like the magic gloves.


No need to admire the Turkish socks right now because I showed back and front of the first sock only. I didn't start the second one yet because I was so clever to hurt my thumb a second time ... :-((

6:59 pm GMT  

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