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Monday, October 09, 2006

Scarfing along

This is yet another Christmas scarf, I picked up a load of cheap eyelash yarn earlier in the year, this enable sme to churn out easy scarves for my neighbour yto use as gifts, so far I've kept 2 for myself, I can't see me keeping this one, the whit tips to the lashes makes me feel cold to look at - as if it was snow!

This arrived from the US today, it's about 4 inches high and is an individual creamer, the first one I ever found, made of bone china and quite delicate.

The eBay seller I bought the creamer from also had this small plate (it matches a cauldron that I have) the picture looks more flecked than the actual glaze is in real life, I think the flash picked up on some imperfections.

I also bought these two little dishes form teh same person, they were cheap and didn't put the postage up any further so I added them to my collection.
I'm off to York in the morning for a conference, I still haven't decided what to take with me to knit, let alone what to take with me to wear. Hopefully I'll be back blogging Wednesday evening depending on how early I get home. The weather forecast for the next few days is for yet more rain but I'm stil hoping to get some shopping done!


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi,I can't get over what a prolific knitter you are!I have been spinning alot and haven't had time to knit other things!

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