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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Having abandoned the current sock until I can think of some way of making it more interesting I'm reduced to scarves, this one is red Cosmic, I think it may be called cupid. The colour is coming out and dyeing the bamboo needles.

This doesn't have a name, it's some cheap eyelash yarn that I bought months ago from a discount shop, it's turning out too pastel fro me and will definitely be a gift.

This is the original Cosmic scarf that I'm reknitting on the bamboo needles for the fourth and I hope final time!

I bought this tea pot ages ago at a time when thinsg kept getting broken in the post. I didn't have the heart to even open the box but finally plucked up the courage to open it yesterday, as you can see, it arrived unscathed.

Hecate likes it, but it's been put away safely out of her reach.
I've had a totally unproductive weekend, I've done nothing but knit scarves having pawed through all my current UFO's but didn't fancy any of them, I just hope that next week is better!


Blogger trek said...

Scary thing: I am thinking of making Neatnik a scarf with some eyelash yarn that I received in trade from someone.

Very fuzzy!

12:12 am GMT  

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