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Saturday, September 30, 2006

So, what did I do in September?

I've been reviewing my September knitting today - when I was awake anyway, I'm fighting off a cold generously shared by a colleague, I find I sleep even more on such occasions. I didn't have any concrete plans at the start of the month although I did have a pair of socks I needed to finish and I wanted to get moving on baby clothes.
I finished this eyelash yarn scarf off today, I still have a mound of cheap fancy yarns and keep a scarf on a spare pair of needles all the time. On days when I want to knit but don't feel up to anything more complicated than garter stitch I knit scarf!
I though I'd finished this shawl off last December, but when I tried it on it seemed a bit short, I've undone the casting off and knitted another 6 inches recently, I re cast it off again today and did the fringing, I haven't got a picture yet, I'll see if we have dry weather tomorrow and take it out for a daylight picture. I still haven't found the boottee that Hecate stole, but I have finished off 4 pairs of boottees in September. I also mae 2 complete pairs of socks and most of the back of a toddler's sleeveless sweater - the bilious green thing! I made the pink and black scarf this month as well, so it's been a pretty productive month for me.

I wanted something easy to knit while I was at the knitting group on Thursday, this was the result! I know I hadn't planned on any more boottees, but they are fun to knit!

This is the slight progress on the lavender stone sock, but I have been finishing off the two old WIP's as well!


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