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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Guard cat

I've been nursing a migraine today and Hecate has been on guard duty. because I can't hang clothes that need to dry outside I have airers hanging over several doors, they are mostly made up of 6 strong plastic coated wires, she has taken to sleeping on them - preferably when they have clothes hung over them to soften them. She spent most of the morning up there, periodically jumping down to see if I planned on spending all day asleep.

Quite how she relaxes up there I don't know, and I frequently wonder if she will roll over whilst asleep and fall off!

A small amount of sock knitting has happened - I'm ready to decrease for the toes on this one, it's not going to grow any more today though as I'm still doped with migraine medication and am heading back to bed. If I feel up to it I'm going to go to a knitting group that meets fairly locally to me, it wil be the first time I've been able to get there as it used to clash with when my ex was here. I'll be back on Friday, hopefully with another finished pair of socks!


Anonymous Melissa said...

Ugh, migraines are the worst! Hope you are feeling better soon!

3:20 pm GMT  

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