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Saturday, September 23, 2006


This has grown a little, but I seem to have spent most of today picking up after a hyper kitten, so far today she's knocked over a mug of coffee, emptied a bowl of seashells all over the floor in the bathroom and knocked a box of yarn off a pile of other boxes. She is now sleeping on my feet absolutely worn out! I've been sifting through my pattern books day dreaming about potential projects, I want to make something fro my mum for Christmas but I'm uninspired so far.

This is hand died Opal sock yarn, I found it on eBay and loved the colours - possibly something to do with the purple in it???

The boottee is alos growing slowly, despite the temptation to start another pair off I am NOT going to do it yet, I have far too many UFO's as it is.

This is an Arklow goat to match my Arklow donkey, they're rather different to anything else I've had from the factory, I don't know if they ever made sheep!

This arrived today, a cauldron in a different colour, no gold in it though, but then there wasn't a rainbow!

Cathy, I'm glad the pattern arrived with you, the trick with making the boottees is to not panic and make the first square, one you've done that the rest follows easily. The feet are fun, the cuffs I find terribly boring!


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