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Monday, September 25, 2006

Trust me on this one?

This really is the second boottee, I just can't find the first one at the moment, this problem tends to arise in homes where cats steal woolly things!I'm fairly sure it's safe, I tend to tidy away things that Hecate shows too great an interest in and she's been very partial to these boottees.

The second green sock is at the heel stage already, this, in spite of the fact that I got no kniotting done on the bus home today - it was heaving with people and a horrible journey, I'm never keen on buses that are half full of squealing teenage girls.
I forgot to note on Friday, I went to see the podiatrist who has admitted that the arch supports they tried in my shoes haven't helped - in fact they've caused more problems than they solved and I am being referred to their specialist surgeon. I'm still hoping to avoid surgery, but it's not looking good.


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