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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Half an armhole

I actually managed a whole pattern repeat with no error in it, I'm cautiously hoping to finish the back this week, I got sidetracked yesterday though and spent some time on two half finished fancy yarn scarves, nothing worth taking pictures of though.

The last boottee has grown a bit and the second lime green sock is slowly growing, I did discover that I was knitting it with 3 3mm needles and one 2.75mm needle - most annoying but I don't suppose it will show too badly. As a typical knitter I'm currently planning what to take with me to knit in two weeks time when I have to be away overnight for work. I'm going to York and I'm hoping to get time to revisit York Minsteras well. I'm certainly going to be looking for postcards of the new vestments they made for the new Archbishop, he has some glorius new vestments made especially for him I suspect.


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Well done! I am looking forward to trying this pattern!

8:51 am GMT  

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