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Friday, September 22, 2006

Green grows the sweater oh!

The last of the boottees is heading towards having a cuff! I discovered today I'm not going to get a lot of bus knitting done next week, thanks to this , the city centre where I work is chaos, half the buses are running along incorrect routes to avoid traffic and the rest are bursting at the seams, everytime I see a copy of the dratted poster saying 'Manchester welcomes the Labour Party Conference' I feel my blood pressure rising!

The green monster is growing, I started on the armholes tonight, this reduces the damount of double moss stitch to more acceptable quantities. I'm claiming that I'm making it sleeveless to reduce the amount of bright green, in fact I think it may be because teh pattern has the sleeves all in double moss stitch!

This arrived today, a small addition to my Arklow studio collection all the way from Canada, I've been buying much less, there hasn't been much around and I'm pretty much spent out.

Finally, a relaxed and happy cat for your delight - how comfortable does she look? The shaved patch on her flank still looks pretty bald, but that is in part due to the flash, she's growing back her coat now.


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi,I have your booty pattern and am hoping to try it later when I have a bit of quiet as it looks like ti needs a bit of attention to familiarise oneself,LOL
It does look like fun though...
Cheers I am off to try some BBQ that DH has been busy cooking.....

10:30 am GMT  

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