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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yesterday's pictures!

You see, I had made some progress on the second blue boottee! I'm in definite 'pair mode' trying to make pairs for all my orphans before starting anymore socks, I'm not sure if it will happen though. I like to think that I flit from one thing to another because my brain works so fast, sadly I think it's more likely to be because I have the attention span of a hyperactive goldfish!

This is the gorgeous yarn I bought from Lixie, some things just have to be done regardless of how much yarn you may have already or how little spare money you have, I'm trying to scrape together the cash for SkipNorth at present and really should restrain myself!

Here I have the proof of my dedication to making second socks, partly because kitten has stolen a number of my socks and I'm needing to replenish my sock drawer.
A quick thank you is due to my friend Melissa, the latest CD of her gorgeous son arrived in the mail this week, I'm very proud to be his honorary Auntie!


Anonymous Melissa said...

One of these days you'll find the cat's secret stashing place and have tons of yarn and socks back! Glad the CD arrived safely!

5:14 pm GMT  

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