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Monday, September 11, 2006

I told you it was bright!

It wasn't easy getting this picture so that the stitch pattern showed up! I've achieved 14 rows of a 20 row pattern, the disadvantage is that typically the pattern is made larger by adding double moss stitch to thw sides, so the bigger the size the more of my least favourite stitch, K1 P1 anything makes my wrists ache. It's looking OK - if rather bright.

Hecate was most obliging about letting me knit while she slept, overnight she made up for this by stealing one of the blue boottee feet, so far there is no trace of it anywhere.

The second sock has reached the heel flap, I've promised myself that I'll finish it this week, or at least give it my best shot in order to get one more of my dull commitments finished.

This arrived today after two months on the high seas, in perfect condition and matching a cup and saucer and small vase that I have with this pattern on already.

At 5.30am today Hecate was on top of the very top shelves in my lounge hunting a spider - she's as fast on her feet and a sactive as she ever was! All those people who told me she would slow down after spaying - YOU LIED TO ME!!!!


Anonymous Melissa said...

Heh I guess I'm lucky I never knew my cats before they were neutered so I knew going into it they'd always be this crazy!

4:36 pm GMT  

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