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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Finally a sock!

I finally figured out how long to make this sock - at least I hope so! Visiting my mum gave me plenty of time to knit, it's a 45 minute bus journey each way. She isn't very active nowadays so we sit and knit and chatin a companiable fashion that we never managed to achieve when I was younger. You will note the back end of kitten who decided to assist in the photographic session! Also, I have cast on the second sock already - I'm continuing in my endeavours to overcome SSS and being reasonably successful.

Mum had 5 balls of sock yarn for me as well as 2 balls of Sirdar Tuscany and some free (slightly rough) bamboo needles 8mm size and I just had to cast on a scarf to see what it looked like. I don't think it's quite me, but when my neighbour's granddaughter saw the yarn she grabbed it and sat there stroking it, I think at least a scarf for her for Christmas would be a good idea!

The tiger feet are progressing, one is complete and one is at the cuff stage, I'm left with 4 boottees all needing the ribbed cuffs, tedious work but will provide me with gifts that I need and a couple of spare pairs for the future - just for once I'll be ahead of myself.


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