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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Just look at how lucky I am!

A parcel arrived today from Germany, from my talented and generous secret pal, when I opened it this is what I saw!

First, this lovely card in which she introduced herself.

I think Hecate recognised the cat treats as she insisted on taking part in the photo shoot!
Theer are two packets of cat treats here, a ball of purple Opal magic, another knitting detective novel which I am saving for this evening, a lovely cuddly sheep - I have christened Aloysius and a bottle of what I think is for washing woollens?

There are also 2 bars of Ritter Sport and a bar of Milka chocolate - I am VERY spoilt.

Most beautiful of all is this, I'm not sure what the pattern is, nbut it is beautiful, and soo much work in it I'm totally overwhelmed. I've tried to drape it artistically here for you to see.

And here you can see how large it is!

A close up of the stitch pattern - I'm sur eyou can see why I'm so very impressed!

Also in teh psot came a matching plate from America for one I got earlier in the year, I'm pleased to have a pair and this one was very reasonable in price.

Pictures of a snuggling cuddly kitten.

In between bouncing around teh flat the kitten has become extremely snuggly although she hasn't stopped nipping at my hands and feet!

Disconcertingly she still seems to be obsessed with my feet with a bad habit of sitting on them while she washes which results in me getting my feet washed too!


Blogger trek said...

Ew - kitten spit on your feet?!

2:15 pm GMT  
Blogger said...

UPS - sorry, sometimes I forget that I have to translate: it's a shower gel.
The pattern of the wrap is "cozy" from
I'll be back with a PM later this evening.

Take care Sibille

3:30 pm GMT  

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