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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Loving kitten

My poor kitten hates me going out to work, so I try to make sure we get lots of time in the evenings when she can snuggle as close as she needs to. Tonight she let me knit but lay as close to me as possible, making sure that I couldn't get away as she either had her paw or her chin resting on my leg.

You see she can make those big eyes look appealing rather than dangerous!

With her fascination with wool she wants thi sto snuggle with - 1.3kg of pure wool in chunky, it cost me less than £15 including postage and feels quite soft and looks as if it will give good definition for cables.

This is around 900g of Dyed in the Wool 4ply, a truly lovely sunshine yellow/gold that I couldn't resist - I never was much good at resisting temptation! The flash has bleached out the colour I'm afraid, it's much nocer in real life.
A little more prgress on the boottees, I now have the feet of two tiger feet and the second parrot on eis started, I'm currently restricting myself to knitting on teh bus and an hour in the evenings on work days - otherwise I end up staying up far too late, I get up at 5am on weekdays, so staying up late is a really really stupid option!


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