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Monday, September 04, 2006

Tarzan kitten

Hecate hunting the strap of my camera

And hunting my hands too - I seem to have got pretty well scratched this weekend even though she was only play fighting.

Here she is climbing up the bed post to reach her vantage point on the top bar!
She's always been fascinated by these posts, from when she was far too small she was trying to swarm up them.

Kitten resting after wearing herself out with the gymnastic display.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, these eyes are almost frightening - and Hecate is really courageously climbing all around.
I´ve put the pictures of my final SP parcel on my blog. Thanks again, you´ve been great.

9:24 am GMT  
Blogger trek said...

Nutty cat! :o)

11:49 am GMT  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Aw what a cute cat!

2:35 pm GMT  

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