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Friday, September 01, 2006

Kitten cuddling day

My kitten and I have spent most of today snuggling together, she's being ever so good, not playing with her stitches, she is, however, as active as ever, she was climbing up the doors last night again!

The picture of relaxation, the happiness of the upside down kitten leaning against her human!

Note the paw casually placed on the human's knitting!

I've been cutting down on yarn buying, mostly because I'm out of storage space, but these came up on eBay, both pure wool, both chunky, the red is about 1500 g and the green is about 900g, the total price including postage was only £19, I'm going to have to find them a home safely away from hecate who loves pure wool best of all!
I'm still playing with the boottee pattern, it's very useful for using up old ends of sock yarn, the trouble is I'm running out of pregnant friends and not all my sock yarn is washable which makes them unsuitable for most charities that I can think of.
What didn't turn up yet is the parcel from my lovely Sceret Pal Sibille - I'm hoping it arrives tomorrow, luckily my neighbour will be here as I'm going to a Knitting and Stitchcraft Exhibitoin at the G-Mex. Sibille has spoiled me very generously during the Secret Pal exchange and I'm totally impressed by her ability to translate her blog into English!


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