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Friday, September 08, 2006

Almost a tiger foot

The boottees are making very slow progress due to me spending yesterday with a poorly kitten, vet advice was that she had a minor infection that will clear following a shot of antibiotics, she certainly seems much brighter today. Yesterday we spent curled up asleep which encouraged her to rest and recover, I suspect she will make up for the peace very quickly, she's already opened and unpacked a box of Regia while I was at work today.
I'm planning a trip to visit my Mum tomorrow - she did some shopping for me at the knitting stalls last weekend and I believe has brought back more sock yarn! It's a 45 minute bus journey each way, so I'm fairly optimistic that I'll get at least part way through the cuff of the second tiger foot. I'm doing these as displacement activity, I need to finish a pair of socks this month as a gift and post two other pairs that I made months ago, procrastination is moving from my middle name to my first name!
Looking at my boottees in progress it becomes evident that I have SBS - second boottee syndrome, I'm going to try and finish all the pairs in reasonable time!


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Those booties are fascinating me,I have looked everywhere for the pattern but not knowing what its called hasn't helped much,

Theres a few babies expected shortly so I will probably fall back to the Opal baby sock one,haven't tried it but it looks quick!

Hope your Hecate is feeling better soon

12:18 am GMT  

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