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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two socks by crikey!

I finished my lace socks - and sewed the ends in as well! I'm pleased with them but won't make them again in a hurry, I've a fair bit of this yarn left and will mix it with some pale yellow that I have for some of my bi colour socks. The yarn is Cygnet from Texere.

The Aztec coffee pair are finished as well, 2 socks finishd in one day - I'm very pleased with myself. That makes 3 socks finishing 3 pairs and it's only the 9th of the month! As I'm going to switch to non sock knitting in the evenings I'll slow down a bit now. Kitten is starting to get hormonal, she's being neutered at the end of August but at the moment it's like sharing my flat with a teendager in a fur coat! She bites then cuddles then scratches in quick succession then tries to get out of any window she can - it's making knitting slow down again.

The alpca/silk blend on the Pony pearl needles, I'm beginningto get accustomed to them althouhg I still feel clumsy with them, I can see me using them for lace socks though probably not for my simple everyday ones that are just plain knit.


Blogger scarletprincess said...

I'm impressed you managed to finish 2 socks in one day!!! I'm not doing badly myself with my jaywalkers though.

9:13 am GMT  

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