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Monday, July 31, 2006

Completed in July

Another finished sock, somehow I seem to have finished 7 socks this month, I'm not sure how, but I actually made 5 mates for orphans which I'm very pleased about. It's been a better month for me, I stil hav esoem lurking health issues, but Hecate and I are settling down happily together even though she drives me daft some days.

I did say I'd cast on the second lace sock at once - and look, we have half a cuff! Thank you for your comment on the first lace sock Secret Pal, I'm proud of it, it's intended as a gift so I must finish it's mate!
These are the other two socks I'm working on, they are bus knitting. although I left the one on the left hand side at home today and had to spend a joyful 20 minutes rewinding the ball of wool when I got home!

trek and schrodinger, I think Hecate jumps so high and far in part because she is so small and light, she springs around the flat rather like a kangaroo, she just bounds around and leaps for no reason, just because she can. It can cause her to be a dratted nuisance, but her joie de vivre almost always makes me smile.

Tomorrow is my first blogiversary, I'll have been showing you pictures (mostly of socks) for a whole year then - I may have to make a plan for the next 12 months!


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